Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Pattern: Recycle Tips : Knitted Round Chair Cushion Seat Pad

Selalunya bila mengait samada crochet atau knitting..semestinya ada lebihan benang..jadi untuk first recycle tips yang kami nak share adalah dengan menggunakan yarns.

Teknik : Knitting
Method : Menggunakan circular needle atau straight needle
Projek : Knitted Round Chair Cushion Seat Pad
Needle size: 3.75mm straight needle and 4 mm circular needle (but you can choose your own needle size depends on your yarn and gauge)
Video tutorial (source from youtube)

Tube with straight needle

Tube with circular needle

* Through my experience, tube with circular needle mudah, tapi jahitan akan ada satu line penyambungan yang tak kemas, maybe sebab saya yang tak reti, but you guys can try it by yourself.
Jadi jalan penyelesaian saya, saya start with straight needle, then transfer to circular needle, jahitan lebih kemas.

Free Knitted Round Chair Cushion Seat Pad :

1) Knit 20 stitches with straight needle by following the first video. Do it until it reaches 5".

2) Carefully transfers all the stitches to the circular needle. This will need a bit of practice, but it is not that difficult. Just imitate the picture in the second video which the continuous yarn will be on the left side at the top.

3) Continuosly progress knitting while putting scrap yarn or anything that suitable in the knitted tube. For my case, I cut up an old t-shirt into strips and folded it like a ball. So it is easier to move it through the tube.

4) Stop when you reach your desire result. Stitch carefully with large needle to close the open gap.

5) Stitch the tube into coil as below.


6) Decorate with lace or anything that suits you.

p/s: kalau tak faham boleh tanya. jangan malu-malu. free pattern ni hanya untuk kegunaan sendiri bukan untuk dijual. please respect each other work.okay..tapi jika untuk menderma for charity..please inform me.

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